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Now Accepting Wholesale Orders!!

NATIVES America LLC., is pleased to announce that NATIVES Original Banana Rolling Leaves™ are now available for wholesale orders.

NATIVES Original Banana Rolling Leaves™ have been disrupting local markets and generating a buzz in various states by offering the first ever vegan, organic and tobacco-free alternative for smokers. Traditional blunts contain an excessive amount of harmful chemicals and ingredients, and unbeknownst to many, also contain animal starches in the glue/gum.

Our mission began in Los Angeles, California where we developed NATIVES America LLC., to bring consumers a premium product without all of the harmful ingredients traditionally found in other rolling products. We believe in Good Vibes & Good Ingredients.

NATIVES Original Banana Rolling Leaves™ is our premium flagship product that uses only the highest quality ingredients to bring you just that, a vegan, organic smoking experience without tobacco. We hand-select and put our banana leaves through a patent pending process to ensure an unrivaled smoking experience. Your customers can expect the following from our product:


All Natural



Tobacco Free

No Chemicals

Slow Burning

Smooth Pull

Many smoke shops and clinics across the US in states where medicinal marijuana is now legal, are being forced to eliminate rolling products from their stores that contain tobacco (including cigarillos “blunts”, cigar wraps and even some rolling papers).

Be a step ahead of the competition with NATIVES Original Banana Rolling Leaves™.

Help bring these benefits to your customers and Spread the Vibe!

We invite you to find out more at our website at

Thank you for your time and we look forward to taking your order soon. Please contact directly for wholesale inquiries.

Smoke Well!

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